What is a wireframe, and why do I use them?

What is a wireframe, and why do I use them?

What is a website wireframe?

A website wireframe is essentially a blueprint for a website. It will look very simple, and if you don’t know it’s purpose, it can be very unimpressive. Some designers will do this in sketch form or a digital image created in a design software. My preference is to deliver a functional website wireframe that you can interact with. This expedites the development process and allows you to preview and interact with the wireframe from any device.

Why do I create wireframes?

The purpose of a wireframe is to develop content layouts and demonstrate core functionality. You as a client, get to visually see where your content will go, which can make generating content so much easier and less overwhelming. Starting with a wireframe is a very effective way to focus on user interface and creating a content structure that performs by guiding the user through the website.

Time Saver!

This part of the process saves everyone a lot of time as well. By having a simple framework it is very easy for us to collaborate and make changes to the initial structure of your website.  Content creation becomes a breeze as well. Whether you hire me to write content for your website or you take that upon yourself, we now have a visual guide to let us know exactly what we need. It can be extremely difficult to write content without a visual reference, and it can be equally difficult to create a complete design without content.

Things to consider when viewing your wireframe.

It is important to understand that wireframes aren’t design oriented. The focus is on the content layout, user interface, responsiveness, and functionality. When viewing your wireframe, consider the goals and needs of your website. This is won’t represent fonts, colors, imagery, and styling.

As long as you keep performance and effectiveness in mind we will be able to take this wireframe into a beautiful design that works!

What comes after the wireframe?

Once the wireframe is finalized I start work on the real design. I create a style guide which will include guidelines for typography, color palette, iconography, buttons, and spacing. This is a great tool to have when going into the complete design and for other marketing materials. Having uniformity across all your content helps build a backbone for your brand that resonates across all mediums.

With the wireframe and style guide created, I am fully equipped to bring beautiful design to the front burner and a finished product is right around the corner. This process creates a smooth and efficient path to having an effective eye-catching website. I consider wireframing an essential step in creative web design as it ensures that content, user flow, and functionality are the highest priority.

If you have any questions about my process feel free to contact me.

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