Need someone to manage your website? I’ll make sure everything is up-to-date so your business goals are seamlessly reflected on your site. I will also provide you with statistics and constantly seek out improvements to your page.


    I will make sure everything is running smooth and up to date so you don't ever have to worry about your site not reflecting your current business.


    I will make sure everything is safe and secure. I do weekly scans of your site for attacks and possible loopholes, as well as fighting spam. All this hard work, you don't want someone coming along and destroying it all.


    The internet isn't perfect and, unfortunately, things happen. I've had servers that literally lose my content (mind you I use different company now), but there is nothing more heartbreaking than realizing you haven't made a backup since that last revamp. I will backup your site weekly as well as after any major updates so you will never be stuck in the mud.


    It's important to know how your website is doing and knowing where it might be falling short. Once a month I will do a full overview of every aspect of your website, from site views, where you're most referrals are coming from, as well as website performance. A full report of how your site is doing and what can be done to improve on it.


    The stats you see on the reports you get monthly are only going to improve, as I go through and find ways to optimize and improve your content. Tiny improvements can make a big difference; 'maybe this button is too small and people aren't clicking through, let's change that.' I pay attention to every detail and make sure it is the best option.

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