Graphic Design

I started picking up graphic design shortly after I started building interest in web design and seeing how they go hand in hand. I do everything from logos to flyers and business cards, specializing in company branding and direction.



    We start off by discussing exactly what you are looking for and your goals for the project. This step is vital in establishing the direction of your design and providing you with graphic work that suits your company.


    The next step is researching your company, your target market, and your competition. Once I get a feel for the industry and your needs I can start brainstorming ideas. I learn everything I can to make sure your design exceeds industry standards and puts you in your own lane.


    After I have a solid direction with your project I bust out the pen and paper and play trashketball with countless drafts until I hit gold. I put a lot of thought into my work and make sure you will be overly satisfied with the end results, so this step is critical.


    So now I know what you need, and have quite a few concepts I'm ready to execute. I take those sketches and draft out the digital designs. I usually end up with a few different designs for you to choose from.


    So we've got some designs that you absolutely love, but now that you've seen them, you have a few ideas of your own. No problem, I offer 3 revisions to a design, taking your feedback and making changes to your liking. I'm not happy until my client is happy. :)



I design logos that just work. A logo is a representation of your company, and it’s no easy task to portray your company values through a simple and identifiable symbol. My goal is to provide you with a logo that builds onto a strong company foundation and making your business stand out.


I receive a lot of business cards, and hang on to maybe 10% of them. If it doesn’t catch my eye at first glance I’m going to need a very good pitch to capture what you have to offer. It’s amazing the difference design makes in marketing. I want to make sure your business card doesn’t get scrapped like the rest, with beautiful, thought out designs that deliver your message efficiently and with great aesthetics.


This is my main forte when it comes to design, being a part of a company that implements a lot of marketing and promotion. Whether it’s for your social networks, that email list, or print, I design promotional goods that actually get the job done. No more cluttered flyers that overwhelm the viewer.


Social networks are a key aspect of businesses today, and we all know how important consistency is. I make designs specifically fit for your Facebook cover, Twitter page, and avatars across the board. Make sure users know what they are looking at when they see your latest update come across their feed.


For a while I was designing a crazy amount of banners for websites and advertising. If you are going to throw up an ad make sure your image is quality and captivating. I also do animated advertisements, I bet you wondered how they do that!


I can redesign your restaurant menu or your hotel brochures. Make your business stand out and show potential customers everything you have to offer in a pleasant and legible way.

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