How a strong web presence protects your brand.

How a strong web presence protects your brand.

I hate to break it to you, but self-identifying as unique is the most unoriginal statement you could make.

Your brand is your identity and reputation, not what you claim to be. It is the essence of how your business operates and is perceived. It doesn’t come down to just one thing, it is a combination of everything from the logo to customer service, reputation, and marketing. Whether you have taken the time to consider these things your business has a brand, identity, reputation, and impact on customers. It is very important to strive to have control over how your business is perceived.

You should have consistency across all materials to create recognition for your audience. You need to make sure everything you distribute can be instantly associated with your brand. This creates trust, credibility, and value. Compromising quality due to lack of organization, know-how, or resources can have unfortunate effects on your brand and keep your business from growing and retaining value.

Developing a strong brand will allow your business to become memorable, valuable, and inspiring.

Importance of protecting your brand.

Now that I’ve covered some of the main reasons to focus on your business’s brand and vision, I’d like to discuss the importance of and protecting that. Your reputation is a large part of your brand, and it should be obvious how important a good reputation is to the growth of your business. Over 90% of business I acquire is from word of mouth! This allows for very healthy growth and rapport with new clients. You should be very aware of how your business is being perceived, and do everything you can to keep your reputation intact.

1. How a website protects your brand.

A website is your best chance at making a strong first impression with potential customers. Plain & simple. There were 3.8 BILLION people on the internet on June 30th, 2017 (source). This is probably not much of a surprise and by now you should know that your business needs to be online, otherwise, we really need to talk…yesterday. I would like to give some reasons other than how big the internet is for having a website:

  • Your website is your business’ online hub. A brick-and-mortar business owner understands the importance of location. Yet, I’m surprised how many small businesses don’t believe they need an online location. In 1 click a shopper can learn what your business offers, where you are located, and how to get in touch with you…without ever having to leave the house.
  • A well-done website gives credibility. It’s no mystery why a shopper would choose a business that has a nice website and strong social presence over its competition. A website proves your business is forward-thinking and driven to grow.
  • A website improves your business’ usability. A storefront without a road leading to it is considered inaccessible. With today’s technology, the internet is that road, and without your own ‘.COM’ you don’t have a street address. Your business should be accessible and convenient to your customers. A website is a great platform to provide that convenience as well as implement customer service friendly features such as email forms, order updates, tools and more.

2. How social media protects your brand.

Social media has become incredibly valuable to businesses of all sizes. There are over 50 million business pages on Facebook (source) and over 1.3 billion daily active users (source). That might seem like an overwhelming ocean to enter, but reaching even a tiny percentage of those users can cause great things to happen to your business. Establishing yourself on social media will put your business in Google’s favor and get your brand in front of way more people than ever possible.

Here is a great article about how social media can affect your rankings on Google.

Creating a presence on social media allows you to establish your claim on a name and reinforce branding. More than that it is a powerful outlet for your company’s content. Keeping yourself in front of your audience will allow you to have tremendous opportunities for upselling and memorable impact on your customers. Please, don’t underestimate the opportunities for your business on social media.

3. How you can protect your business.

Establishing yourself online by having a website and social media profiles is a huge start in expanding your business. Creating profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and the rest is completely free so there is no reason to not pursue those avenues of marketing. I completely understand the burden of maintaining social media; it can be difficult to be able to consistently present content to your audience in the vast and fast-paced internet age, but that is what will separate you from competitors.

My recommendation is to decide on usernames for social media as well as a domain name for your website. You can easily search GoDaddy for available domains and come up with one to represent your company (Lookup a domain name here). If you need help hit me up, I have a chat box at the bottom corner of my site for easy access to my cell phone. You will want to generate assets for each profile, include an avatar and cover photo. Also, it is VERY IMPORTANT, that you fill in as much of your social profiles as possible. Insert your contact information, address, services, etc. The more information you have the easier it is for your profile to be found.

Beyond that, strive to have consistency in your advertising and designs. You would also benefit greatly from looking into a social media scheduling tool such as Buffer.

What’s next?

Get started right away! As a business owner I’m sure you’ve already thought about the need for a website, social media, and branding, but pushed it off to another day. Your ability to penetrate markets on the internet is getting slimmer every day as algorithms on Google, Facebook, and other networks are constantly changing. I would like to set up a brainstorm session with you to discuss your businesses goals and how we can reach them through digital marketing.

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