What Can a Business Do About a Negative Reputation Online?

What Can a Business Do About a Negative Reputation Online?

Businesses require positive reputations to thrive and expand, especially when a company has a central online presence. Knowing how to repair and eliminate a negative reputation online is essential to keep companies afloat today amongst the huge competition.

Respond to Negative Reviews and Comments

Respond to negative reviews and comments with a professional and upbeat attitude. Never attack individuals personally for their thoughts on your business, even if they are inflammatory or untrue. Focus on the individual who has left a negative comment or review and consider which route is best to ensure satisfaction and a pleasant outcome. Offer coupons and discounts or free items to customers who are unhappy with their purchase to showcase proper customer service. Share responses publicly to increase trust from those who are still unfamiliar with your business and want to learn more.

Work with customers individually to find a solution that is personal and fitting for their wants and needs pertaining to your business.

Consider Criticisms Against Your Business

Avoiding, ignoring, and deleting negative reviews or comments that pertain to your business can quickly become a costly mistake. Individuals are more likely to trust companies that are transparent and those that provide top-notch customer service. It is essential to consider the criticisms against your business seriously in order to improve the overall experience your customers have when purchasing from your company or following your online presence. Evaluate negative feedback your company receives and work towards a viable plan of action to change the way you conduct business in the future.

Speak with other employees and members of your team regarding the bulk of negative comments you receive if there are recurring themes you observe. Discuss your options and create new solutions that help to reduce the number of negative blogs, comments, and reviews your company receives online.

Implement a Support Desk on Your Official Website

When you want to reduce the number of negative public comments and reviews your company receives, implement a support ticket desk or alternative methods of contacting your business on your official website. When users are able to quickly communicate with a live operator via phone, email, or chat, they are much less likely to turn to social media or other communities such as Facebook and Yelp! to share their negative thoughts. Online reputation management can help undo the damage done by negative reviews.

Additionally, if you have enough inquiries and questions about your service or products, you might want to invest in a call center. You can later decide if it would be best to categorize it as a inbound or outbound call center as you might want to make more calls than your business receives.The important thing is that you must assess what and how much customer service your customers need. With an understanding of the proper steps to take when fixing a negative online reputation, rebuild how others view your business and create a strong outlook for your brand.

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