About Me

I am a freelance wordpress designer and graphic designer out of southern California. Having over 8 years of experience, I’ve built up an arsenal of techniques, styles, and formulas to hone my craft. I have a passion for creating visually captivating content and presenting it in new and interactive ways; this is the sweet spot where my talents merge together.

Wordpress Design

I have 8+ years experience using the WordPress platform. I started out building personal blogs and company blogs for various companies including Sony Playstation, as well as online shops for a few startup companies. This was my foot in the door for all the possibilities with WordPress. Now there is more support than any CMS available and the capabilities are virtually limitless and my skills have grown greatly, I can’t even count how many websites I’ve built with WordPress.


Graphic Design

I took up graphic design shortly after stepping into the web design field. I began building websites for no reason at all, and I had to have some sort of content, so I began designing my own. Since then I’ve become skilled in Photoshop and Illustrator designing logos, manipulating photos, and creating a vast assortment of other graphics. I am currently the lead designer for ChoospaCamp and handle all design including album covers, promo material, and web design.



Branding is a goal with every project I do. Branding is what determines the visual direction of a company and allows for consistency across the board. I take branding very seriously with every piece of work and try to maintain a sense of direction throughout.


I currently manage roughly 15 different websites, all different types. It can be very time consuming to maintain even one, but I have developed a system that I use to efficiently maintain my websites and keep them updated, secure, and optimized. Hire me to keep your site ahead of the game and have some piece of mind.


Social Media Marketing

I also specialize in Social Media Marketing. I have tried and failed using hundreds of techniques and the way social media works is always evolving, so staying on top of your social media marketing strategy can be an entire job in itself. I take the time to research trends and find out where things are heading. I’ll help you keep content consistently generated across your social networks and build a personal connection with your customer base.