5 Strategies for Boosting Your Social Media Presence

5 Strategies for Boosting Your Social Media Presence

Nowadays, social media is one of the most important ways to interact with potential and actual customers. It provides a real-time way to communicate with the public and to gain instant and critical relevance. Here are some best practice tips for businesses who want to boost their social media presence.

Engage with the Community

The instantaneous and interactive nature of social media is a way for the business to show its personality to members of the public. According to Digitalist Magazine, “social media gives your business a way to communicate beyond that which the public sees in your advertisements that tend to be more scripted. When you effectively use social media, your company can show the public that there are actual people behind the computers.” At the same time, a two-way conversation empowers customers and gives them more of a stake in your business. This becomes a powerful measure to generate interest.

Solicit Reviews

When it comes to finding businesses online, people trust reviews because they are written by people who have previously purchased from a business. In fact, reviews are one of the first things that people look for when making a purchasing decision. A company that lacks reviews could lose a customer within a matter of moments, all because there is no information about their organization online. According to Podium, “review generation can make your business relevant and appealing, especially for new customers. When people are able to read testimonials about your organization from actual clients, it proves that you are actively satisfying customers.”

Provide Useful Information

The old saying that “content is king” continues to hold true when it comes to social media. When a business finds a way to continuously put out useful information to customers, people will pay more attention to what it has to say. Customers do not want to simply be sold at all times. Instead, they want to be given information that is helpful to them. Giving customers tips and important information can help you build trust with your customers at the same time as getting your name out to them. It always helps to be viewed as an expert by your customers.

Tailor Your Message

Not every message works for every audience. When you are able to customize the social media content for different groups of customers, you make your communications more effective. Various subgroups of customers have different hooks that can be used to make them more interested in your products. Accordingly, you should consider niche content to make your business as relevant as possible to many different people. Whether this is through featuring multiple different social media campaigns or simply varying the tone of your posts, messages can be flexible because different demographics are receptive to varying tactics. According to Constant Contact, “it’s essential to know what each social network and audience expects from you. For example, Facebook rewards consistent posting that is informal and friendly. Making things as shareable as possible is of utmost importance. Whereas Twitter is best for actively tweeting throughout the day. Followers expect several tweets a day, and if you tweet on a variety of topics, you will almost always make it onto their timeline.”

Provide Relatable Content

Content should not just be helpful and relevant, but also easy to understand and grasp. Content should also feel organic and human. According to Locowise, “automation of content is the way to go to some extent, but if you automate everything and forget to inject the human factor, your audience is going to flee. Make sure that you focus on creating content that has as much of a human element as is possible. Make stuff that causes your audience to sit back and nod in recognition.” This means that you should find ways to communicate that do not just simply include text that customers may not read or process. Instead, you should post content that has pictures and graphics. These are more likely to catch a customer’s eye and make them want to focus on what you are posting. These posts tend to be more visually appealing and can act as a gateway to grab the customer’s attention. Once you have the customer focused on what you have to say, then you can deliver your message.

Social media is something that can help your business if it is done thoughtfully and deliberately. This requires a strategy as opposed to a haphazard and random online presence that can be confusing.

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