3 Ways to Engage Readers with a Post

3 Ways to Engage Readers with a Post

If you’re a small business owner looking to improve your online presence, then you need to know how to create posts that stand out in the best way possible. You owe it to your readers to provide them with content that is going to hold their attention and reward them for their patronage. Here are three ways to engage readers with a post.

Make It Look Good

You can never underestimate the need for your posts to be visually appealing. Dull formatting will put your readers to sleep while too many bells and whistles, such as multiple colors and an excessive number of photos, will make it hard for them to take you seriously. Look at competitor’s websites and determine what does and doesn’t work about their designs. If you don’t have any experience with web design, consider hiring a freelance professional or a service with experience. When your posts look tasteful but still have plenty of visual charm, you can draw your readers in for a longer period of time.

Keep It Short

Even your most loyal customers are going to balk at reading a 10-paragraph post. Huge blocks of text might work in an academic setting but not when you’re trying to tell people about your business. Word count is important, as is formatting. Posts should generally be no longer than about 500 words and should be formatted in a way that allows for easy skimming. Give your posts individual paragraphs with bold headings, and put the most important points in bold or italics.

Host Contests and Surveys

If you want to attract more readers with your posts, you need to find ways for them to engage with your content. Hosting contests and posting surveys can be your way of showing that you care about your readers. You could have a sweepstakes in which the winner receives a gift basket or another attractive offer. Surveys tell your readers that you value their feedback. Ask them questions about their experience with your business and website. These questions could be subjects about the usability of the site, their experience ordering from you, and any other concerns they might have.

Engaging readers with a post is only fully possible if the post contains information that’s relevant to them. With so many websites out there, you can’t expect to draw in readers with filler or obvious information. Each post you write is an opportunity to assert the quality of your business and to have your readers spread your name.

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